Larger than Life

Family Portrait – Kiki 4 yrs old

This is a picture my four-year-old handed me when I picked her up from school a couple of weeks ago. She explained that Daddy is the one on the left, Mommy is in the middle, then Jenna (who looks like some sort of little creature) and finally her, but “oops, I forgot to put arms and legs on myself!”

I cannot say how much I LOVE this family portrait! She is so detail-oriented; it helped me to see things through her eyes. First, the heights are so accurate! The baby’s legs really do look “cowboyesque” with her big diaper making her walk funny, and I WAS wearing a purple dress that day – I didn’t even know that she noticed.
The most striking thing of all is how very big I am in this picture and how my very long arms are reaching across the whole family. The fact that she sees me as the mom who has her arms around everyone just makes me cry a little, ok, a lot! It is so easy to forget that we are larger than life in the eyes of our little ones. I will keep this in mind when I’m on the verge of losing my temper with her or when she’s calling my name in the middle of the night and I just want to sleep –  I am the center of the family portrait, I am so big in her mind and she needs me to play that role. It’s a hard role to play sometimes; the responsibility to live up to that picture is overwhelming at times. But, oh how that perfect display of what is in her little mind about our family makes me want to try my very best at all moments! What incredible girl, I love her so very much!
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